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MonsterMu Season 12


Server Rules

1. All the MonsterMU players, either staff members or regular players are fully responsible on their own accord to read, understand, and accept the following rules in order to use the Monster MU Servers and all of it privileges and benefits offered. Using Monster MU Servers, means that all of the below rules have been read.

2. Do not use offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racial, ethnical and/or other objectionable, pejorative and/or derogatory language toward family members of users/players. This will get you muted or banned depending on the severity.
However insulting/flaming an enemy in pvp/market which is game related situations such as direct insults without involving family members nor being racist with any of community/game users/players are sticly allowed if the above rule is not broken.

3. Never give your account information to another person. This is of private matter and is under your responsibility to keep it private. Sharing your account information is also your responsibility and doing such can cause you problems. These problems will not be resolved by the Monster MU Staff.

4. In addition to Rule #3, absolutely nobody in the Monster MU Staff will ever ask you for your account information. In case one does ask for this data, is your responsibility to take it as a proof, and you are free to report it. In addition, absolutely nobody in the Monster MU Staff should ever ask you for your personal items. In case someone does, you're free to report it.

5. According to Rule #4, reporting a Staff Member will not cause you troubles if you have the adequate proof. Defaming the Monster MU Staff is not permitted in any way, so be extremely careful with this rule, as your proof must be important, legit and reliable.

6. Player Vs Player (PvP) Servers are opened for all users to have fun. There are no Player Killing (PK) Rules, and it is allowed under any circumstance. However, one is responsible to have some control, and allow other players to play also without harassing. This is because everyone should have a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

7. If you do not wish to be PK'ed (killed) there are several maps you may level up on that are Non-PvP, and this will be the best option for you.

8. You are not allowed to abuse any game bugs that will give you some kind of unfair advantage, duration of the ban will be decided by HGMs.

9. In no way modifying the Monster MU Client is allowed. All modifications other than the ones released by the Monster MU Staff used are punishable of ban. First ban will be a short-term ban, which is also a warning. The second time will be a long term ban or permanent.

10. Advertising MU hacks, hacks web pages, other MU Servers, 3rd Party Programs, or sites involving money making are not allowed and will not be tolerated and leads to permanent ban.

11. Impersonating in any kind of way, any member of the staff or present yourself to be a representative of the server staffs, will result in ban. You may not use a short form or a name shortcut that is similar to staff members or server name. Using a GM prefix or suffix is kind of a grey area, since GM can mean many things. However this will cause you problems, and people will report you on Monster MU Forums. For your own security and better gaming, do not put yourself at risk of getting banned by using these kinds of words in your in-game-name.
In addition, impersonating another user in order to defame him or gain profit / scam others will get your account banned.

12. All data contained on this server is property of Monster MU. You are not allowed to buy or sell game items for real money, gift cards, vouchers, skins,etc. Any attempt to make such profit from another player will result in a permanent ban. Moreover, buying/selling items for anything else except the in-game permited currencies is forbidden, clearly. The punishment in that case will also be a permanent ban. Monster MU will not take any responsibility for you being scammed for buying or selling in such illegitimate way. The Monster MU Staff can permanently ban the scammer if, and only if, enough proof is submitted, but there won't be any item returned.
Again, purchasing items with real money from users is at one's own risk and is punishable from 7 to 30 days ban.

With regards to rule #12 in the MonsterMU Game Rules; the MonsterMU Market Section is here for you to use so long as you obey, and follow both the game rules and forum rules. Do not exploit the market section by selling, or buying in-game items or accounts illegally. Selling and buying accounts is illegal and doesn't matter what kind of items does the account have and any attempt to deal with items, credit points, wcoins regardless for real currency or in-game items is a direct violation of both the Forum rules, and Game rules. You will be permanently banned if caught violating these rules.

While it may be legal to offer in-game items as trade to a donator to have them donate for you, MonsterMU will not be held accountable if the transaction fails.

13. If you deliberately do any of these above mentioned things to players and/or admin team to an extreme degree it will result in both the permanent banning of not only your forum account but also your in-game accounts as well. This Rule applies to everyone, including Server Donators, Sponsors, and Staff Members.

- Threatening the Server/Forum/Staff in any kind of way, either private or public will be punished with permanent ban. We reserve the rights to also report you to your Internet Service Provider.

14. Respect our community by playing fairly.

15. Play and stand by the rules and there will be no need for arguments.

Currently there is only one server.